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    c'mon guys I paid $250 for pre sale tickets then you move venues then you want me to pay another two lots of $189 for me to get VIP access!!! for the $500 I have already spent this should be included with my platinum tickets!! being such a massive fan I would have paid the $189 extra for a ticket if I new this was available to me in the first place but now that you have moved venues and I have not even been contacted by anyone and this website still says the stadium why would I even trust to meet any band members for the extra $189... aaaand now the venue has moved from the stadium to the entertainment centre I would have been better off getting g/a tickets as the seating in the centre is pretty much the same all round...... It sucks big time that I have to say all this but I'm the biggest gunners fan ever and when I bought platinum tickets on pre sale I expected to get the best of the best!! you had to change venues cause you couldn't sell the tickets now you wanna charge more again... give us all a break, us fans would sell our souls to see gunners but that's not an option we have to pay you!!! here is a suggestion for the dicks who organised the tour.... if you want to sell 30,000 tickets sell them for half the price and you wouldn't have ended up at a venue that only holds 7,500........

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