Jun. 01, 2013 Time TBA

Lubbock , TX

VIP TIcket Sale: 4/23 at 6pm - local market time

Regular Tickets On-Sale: 4/26 at 10am - local market time

Lonestar Amphitheater
602 East 19th Street
Lubbock , TX 79403
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  1. Eric McGuffin avatar

    I emailed ground control with my concern and they assured me the package I bought includes a ticket and there is no need to buy another one. I also got my email that says meet at 8. Isn't that what time the doors open? if so, that's gonna suck if you're like me and want to be as close as possible (i.e. front row).

  2. squirrel1986 avatar

    The email said 8. Not quite sure How to feel about that.

  3. squirrel1986 avatar

    Also if you hear before me please post the time.

  4. squirrel1986 avatar

    @eric I'm waiting too! Keep checking my email every 10 min. Ok maybe a little more often lol. If and when I do find out a time I'll post it here just in case you didn't get your email. Also ground ground(ctrl) told me to call them tomorrow evening if I hadn't received the info by then. So if it comes to that I'll post time tomorrow around 730jLubbock time.

  5. Eric McGuffin avatar

    still waiting on the email about everything...maybe getting a ticket might be a good idea

  6. squirrel1986 avatar

    @GINA call Ralph's records they may have a better time to show up for line.
    @ Eric the original package did include the ticket as well. The tickets are 75 for concrete access closer to the stage. I had the same worry you have and went ahead and bought an extra ticket just in case something like that were to happen. May be something to look into if you have the extra cash.

  7. Eric McGuffin avatar

    Anyone buy the Diamond Vip when they first went on sale? Didn't they include a ticket as well? Now it's just an upgrade with no concert ticket included. Anyone else confused and worried that we won't have a ticket when we show up?

  8. GinaGaladriel avatar

    At what time should we start making line for GA? the ticket says the show starts @ 8:30 pm but I have been unable to get a hold of the amphitheater for answers.

  9. squirrel1986 avatar

    Just bought my VIP ticket! Super excited! I was going back and forth because its pretty expensive and as I stated before I'm really only going in hopes of running into DJ Ashba. My friends all think I'm crazy for spending that much on a maybe thing, but I'm a pretty lucky gal so hopefully my luck will stay with me through this! So excited only 18 days!

  10. squirrel1986 avatar

    Thank you so much for the reply! I'm so excited about the concert I'm driving everyone around me nuts! I'm kind of bummed that the M&G is so fast! And kind of upset I won't be able to take my own pics :( But I guess if I can download it from the site it'll be ok. Provided I don't pass out out of being completely star struck which, if you knew me and how much I LOVE DJAshba, is a very strong possibility! Anyway thank you for the info I really appreciate it!!!!!

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