Feb. 27, 2012 9:00 PM

Philadelphia, PA

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VIP Packages available at 10am EST on Feb 21st

The Electric Factory
421 North 7th Street
Philadelphia , PA 19123
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  1. rapescene avatar

    is it 21 and over?

  2. rapescene avatar

    god i hope i get a godamn sitter for tonight!!!!,.....oh n btw idk why it posted my comment 3 times or how to get 2 off....sorry

  3. rapescene avatar

    nice boys would be a nice set add, locomotive, dont damn me, my michelle,,....i can think of tons of songs id rather hear then.." oh my god", i dont get you people, holding signs like the set hasnt been picked already, anyway i hope i can get a sitter i wanna go badddddddddddddddddd!!!!

  4. Sil GNR avatar

    fuck! I wanna go :(

  5. GNRVahland avatar

    little request : Down on the Farm (PLEASE!)

    Big request : Oh my god / Rhiad

    Bigger request : Silk worms

    Giant request : ( a little part of) a new song

    But most important of all : keep up the good wordk : ENJOY !!!
    (cos this is not a complaint about the setlist...playing 3 hourse is incredible !!!)

  6. W. Andy Rose avatar


  7. Sil GNR avatar

    hopefully make many more shows and return to South America
    Argentina loves GN'R

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