Jul. 03, 2012 Time TBA

Tel Aviv

Summerock Festival 2012

Ganei Yehoshua
80 Rokach Boulevard
Tel Aviv
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  1. IDIT avatar

    Axl gaveperformance of amazing 3 hours!!!
    I enjoyed every second - there were songs from all periods and all the familiar songs with the best excellent performance.
    Hope you get to Tel Aviv again soon for another concert.
    Love - a fan from Israel (:

  2. Alpachiris avatar

    music.. nothing more.. Relax guys!

  3. Alpachiris avatar

    music.. nothing more.. Relax guys! and enjoy..

  4. PAUL DARCY avatar

    you are entirely wrong.the state of israel is not cleansing any kind of people,certainly not on ethnical background.true,there are some old-fashioned laws and limitations on marrige as Same-sex couples but it doesn't have anything to do with Minorities in the state.i wrote a Sympathetic comment about the show and you turned it into an unrespectful and disgracing issue.music has nothing to do with politics and the fans of GN'R are disereved to enjoy their music as anyone else without any connection to the decisions the goverment of israel makes.Peace and love dude,a GN'R fan.

  5. Sarah avatar

    stop talking bullshit.
    the only disgrace in this case,is you.there was never palestine.palestine was the nickname of the property(before we came to this land).

  6. brian@thirdeye avatar

    An abolute disgrace. Any artist supporting the state of israel whilst they are ethnicly cleansing the people of palestine should hang their heads in shame. It was wrong to support south africa in the 80's and it's wrong to support israel now.

  7. PAUL DARCY avatar

    me too! they're soooooooo awesome i sold my house to get in there! my dream was to sit in the front row!!!!!
    love guns' blaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  8. lee61 avatar

    cant wait! :)

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