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  1. Giuli Allione_ avatar

    On August 17, 2014, Giuli Allione_ said:

    That's so cool! :D

  2. Mariia_Liima avatar

    On February 4, 2014, Mariia_Liima said:


  3. Mariia_Liima avatar

    On January 29, 2014, Mariia_Liima said:


  4. GNRVahland avatar

    On December 28, 2013, GNRVahland said:

    Mr Thal is cool as hell

  5. Iara avatar

    On April 2, 2012, Iara said:

    Mr.Thal and his beard

  6. Iara avatar

    On February 23, 2012, Iara said:

    WTF la cabeza de Dj haha

  7. Sil GNR avatar

    On February 23, 2012, Sil GNR said:

    Ron's face hahaha o.O haha
    love him (L

  8. NatVazquez avatar

    On February 21, 2012, NatVazquez said:

    donde esta DJ??? DJ?? HAHAHAHA

  9. Juan Pablo avatar

    On February 16, 2012, Juan Pablo said:

    Hahah! look at DJ in the background LOL

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