May. 16, 2012

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  2. rickdunsford avatar

    My favorite guitarist!

  3. Ana Alexandre avatar

    orgasmatic pic :P

  4. MC0NRAD8 avatar

    Can't believe they played twat!!!!!!!!!! fucking awesome man, right on!! i seriously hope they play it on the second london 02 date on june 1st as it's my favorite song of all time!! :d

  5. sandra74k avatar

    What a great pic :-) Love it

  6. Iara avatar

    awesome pic!

  7. Maga Rose avatar

    Orgasm face, hahaha. lOVE U BUMBLE.

  8. gnrmarcel avatar

    WOW ... Great Pic - Bumblefoot rockz

  9. rickdunsford avatar


  10. Jessy Moncelli avatar

    this pic is absolutely brilliant, great!!!

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