May. 16, 2012

  1. Jennifer Bernsen avatar

    Why are there no crowd shots from the 3 LA UCAP shows in March, or the LA Forum Dec 2011? Please post!

  2. Silk6Shooter avatar

    GREAT photo!

  3. rickdunsford avatar

    Love this pic!

  4. warfares avatar

    knocking on heavens door ?? :-) Great PIc

  5. MellyRose84 avatar

    Awwweeeee :).

  6. Ana Alexandre avatar

    sweet! awesome pic

  7. le-guns avatar

    all right ! back to the road !! we hope to see the band in south america(i'm from brazil) again in 2013 , ... with new album , and much more amazing songs ! chinese democracy rocks !!!!!!!! ... and ... we still waiting some official video for a studio song from chinese democracy, or official videos from live performs. thanx !!

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