May. 16, 2012

  1. Tony P avatar

    I wish i had this job of taking pictures of gnr all around the world how fucking insane do you think that would be? haha great pictures

  2. herbalizor420 avatar

    fuckin a

  3. rickdunsford avatar

    The legend

  4. Ana Alexandre avatar

    love this pic!

  5. ciaran avatar

    best gig of my life in dublin last night. absolutely amazing. will never be topped. axl you are the man and the new guns lineup is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Iara avatar

    Axl is the best!

  7. MellyRose84 avatar

    Wow that is cool!.. love it.

  8. Maga Rose avatar

    Love of my life

  9. kdw48 avatar

    Those streamers are new

  10. janina60 avatar

    Axl the best !!!

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