Nov. 07, 2012

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    I know - I miss out on so many pics especially family pics with my kid & husband cause I know how bad I come out in the pics.
    Its so funny - when I was looking for lots of old GNR pics a few weeks ago (like my GNR B-day cakes) to post on the App for Dem FB page - I came across a few my friend took when we were in Florida - I was so skinny - I posted them in a closet and I was thinking as I put them up - that's my motivation! Its tough cause I think I have been the same weight for 3-4 years or so.... But I gotta do something. So we'll see. Thanks for all your advice, I really appreciate it.

  2. Margott avatar

    Just stop eating french fries and cheetos!! Specially in the middle of the night! Lol. Jenn, listen to my advice that I have been giving you. You can do it!! ANd then you won't need to photoshop any more pics. Just pretend you're single and Axl is going to be your next boyfriend. That's a motivation! :-) xo

  3. Jennifer Bernsen avatar

    Darn you flaming Cheetos & French fries!

  4. Jennifer Bernsen avatar

    I'm so stoked my tattoos finally made it in the M&G pic.
    A rep from weight watchers called after looking at this pic & I was like just give me money for quick lipo!
    This photo is going to look so much better in my desk cause ill be photoshopped skinnier.

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