Nov. 28, 2013

By Matheus Davanso

  1. Eloise Lopes avatar

    Beautiful tattoo!!

  2. Giuli Allione_ avatar

    Awesome tattoo :3

  3. Kelly Carvalho avatar

    i wanna make that sentence in my clavicle, i think that will look awesome

  4. herbalizor420 avatar

    love it

  5. Mariia_Liima avatar


  6. GNRVahland avatar


  7. Melanie smith avatar

    awesome tattoo, i'd love to be abole to do that :D

  8. Jason Gladu avatar

    Did you draw out that logo? Love the colours involved.

  9. Noga Hallevy avatar

    Wow!!! amazing tattoo!!! I really love it ♥

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