Dec. 18, 2013

By Airhead Diva

  1. Eloise Lopes avatar


  2. Giuli Allione_ avatar

    I love it!!!! :3

  3. Kelly Carvalho avatar

    fucking awesome

  4. dimitrisaxl avatar

    Awesome tattoo!

  5. Mariia_Liima avatar

    quero uma dessas!!!!!

  6. Airhead Diva avatar

    Hell yeah, I managed to cut myself with the tape dispenser...I deserve an award for clumsiness!

  7. GNRVahland avatar

    Great tattoo....but did you cut your self with the Tesa ?

  8. Fran Iloverock avatar

    Even we can't see the whole tattoo it's seems to be a great piece of art!!

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