Apr. 23, 2014

By Michelle87

  1. Kelly Carvalho avatar

    OMG! she's so lucky !!!!!

  2. CotyGRS avatar

    god i want to AXL IS SO F"#"$@ PERFECT

  3. Iren Dimitrova avatar

    Me too.
    He was soooo fuckin' awesome..years ago. But over all for the real fan these things don't matter. I thing that if I meet him one day..I can die happy and quite.

  4. volmar souza avatar


  5. SABRINARO avatar

    and he´s very hot and sexy man.......oh oh oh!!!

  6. SABRINARO avatar

    love this pic! Hey Axl meet me too!

  7. Giuli Allione_ avatar

    He is so fucking perfect <3
    meet axl is my dream!!!

  8. Giuli Allione_ avatar

    OMFG!!! :3

  9. Sil GNR avatar

    axl's smile say everything hahaha

  10. Kelly Carvalho avatar

    one day :333333333 one day..

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