Feb. 04, 2014

By Rachael Sardinha

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  2. Ed rocketsgnrman avatar

    i just need to meet pitman and i would have met all teh current lineup,even axl

  3. Kelly Carvalho avatar

    she's so lucky

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  5. Ana Alexandre avatar

    she is brazilian hehe

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  8. Noga Hallevy avatar

    AWESOME pic ! ! ! You're very lucky :D

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  10. Rachel Sardinha avatar

    That's me meeting my idols here in Florianopolis (Brazil) when they played with their side project, Blowout. We had dinner at the same restaurant and I also took some stuff for them to sign, like a bandana and the Las Vegas Residency Program. I also have a pic with bumblefoot, next month I'll submit it. :)

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