Oct. 20, 2013


  1. Asep Prasetya avatar

    Why this video can't downloaded free ?
    i am so like this video than else.

  2. MikhaelJustus avatar

    okey I am here now I need to send my tribute to Mr. Axel Rose I believe he and the band and former mates will enjoy. Gotta to find the best way any suggestions maybe a true fax or email.


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  5. SABRINARO avatar

    I agree!

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  7. SABRINARO avatar

    when i heard this song i said fuck! im not 28!21 years after that Im still here in the guns wolrd! 4ever.

  8. Noga Hallevy avatar

    You're so right Diane... I felt exactly the same about a year ago and that very song was the only thing that helped me through... I'm so much better now and I hope you'll be too soon :) anyway, I'm here for you, if you need me ♥

  9. Diane Souza avatar

    I love this video. Love this song. This is translation of my life now: "When I find all of the reasons, Maybe I'll find another way, Find another day, With all the changing seasons of my life, Maybe I'll get it right next time". Searching for the reasons...

  10. PLANTAR13 avatar

    I LOVE axl's the best ever!!! i hope one day they will be back!!

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