You Could Be Mine

Apr. 24, 2014

You Could Be Mine

  1. Milton Bueno avatar

    Guns N Roses vengan a Ecuador seria lo maximo conocer a la banda favorita de Rock que mas me gusta !

  2. VooRHeeS avatar

    ..remember this songs at the time very well as I was an 7 year old boy!! 1991
    later (1993) I became a huge ,crazy GN'F'R Fan! :D

  3. Yehoash avatar

    axl rose is the best frontman ever!
    Slash is such a godess!!!!
    love it!

  4. Nic Damasceno avatar

    Schwarzenegger and Axl wollllll!!!!! Terminator 2.

  5. Nic Damasceno avatar

    Schwarzenegger and axl wollllll!!!!! terminator 2

  6. Eloise Lopes avatar

    "You could be mine (you could be mine)
    You should be mine (you should be mine)
    You could be miiiiiiiiiiiiine yeaah!"

  7. Ed rocketsgnrman avatar

    memories! first new gnr song in a long time at the time! 91 was a great year in music

  8. Cwes avatar

    Good song? wish this band stayed together as they would have been one of the best rock bands out!!

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