May. 20, 2013

Exclusive Sunset Blvd. T-Shirt now available!

A brand new Guns N Roses T-shirt has been released in the online store and is ready for pre-orders now. Behold, the Sunset Blvd. T-shirt! 

  1. GueGueZon avatar

    Cara , eu curto mt o Guns ' , mas eu queria uma camiseta do Axl ;D ! \ô/ !

  2. Diana Aldana avatar

    This incredible one!

  3. odesa avatar

    i wish i could have 1one this t-shirt because Gun's & Roses ONE OF MY FAVORITE BAND IN OUR INDUSTRY. tHANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS cool t-shirt.

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  4. Martina avatar

    Cool!! I want this T-shirt!!!

  5. DSgnr avatar

    yeah i like it a lot, i hope they'l have this on the uk store...hope theres lots more new merch out soon

  6. herbalizor420 avatar

    i need that fuckin shirt...its awesome

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