Feb. 14, 2014


Whispers around the craps table (and our offices), is that GNR have a big announcement this Tuesday. We could gamble some big money on guessing what that announcement will be…

Nightrain members will be the first to roll the dice at the exclusive tables, so get your chips in place and hop onboard the Nightrain!

Tuesday. 7am. Tune in to Guns N Roses.com.

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  2. gnrfan1977 avatar


  3. nelliedarose22 avatar

    New tour dates!!!! come back to miami !!! \'.'/

  4. Uglykid avatar

    New Album??????

  5. SABRINARO avatar

    still waitting!!!

  6. JoseLuisGCDC avatar

    It was done, THe announcement was about a new residency in las vegas. At the hard rock hotel & casino. Can be foundt in the tour dates section

  7. Jean-Francois Valade avatar

    Yeahhh hope it will be the Vegas Blu ray oh yeahhhhh

  8. Maximiliano Dursi avatar

    as we can see on image #GNRVEGAS IS COMING

  9. Jean-Francois Valade avatar

    And we now past the 7:00 Am on tuesday ....... I can't wait no more for the announcement loll!

  10. Jean-Francois Valade avatar

    Maybe some new stuff! we never know !hope so !

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