Mar. 21, 2012

Back In The Top 3!


Guns N' Roses' "Greatest Hits" makes an eye-popping jump from No. 31 to No. 3 on the Billboard charts after it was priced for 25-cents in both the Google Play and AmazonMP3 stores for ONE day last week. It sold 85,000 with a 618% gain (up from 12,000 the week previous).  


This shows the power of the Guns N' Roses fan base and seems to be a siren call for change in the rock world!

Check out the story HERE, or simply visit our Press page on the site.   


  1. GnR_FaN avatar

    Gnr is the best rock and roll band ever! This album shows the power of gnr!

  2. rapescene avatar

    gnr has aalways been my medicine in a sense, the songs are, markers, milestones, tragedys and happinesses of my life, axl rose is gnr, that is the message i truly see being sent by the new backup band, but i'll always support axl in any endeavor, and hearing him sing the stuff live is amazing, and yes axl has a backup band get over it! its like nin, trent reznor is nin it says that in the albums, anyway, none of us on the outside of things really know whats behind the orig lineup, my guess is if anyone wanted us to know theyd say something, we all know theres more to it then "axl dont like slash"...congrats axl....#1 all day!!!!

  3. Saphyra avatar

    Awesome! It's deserved place for this album and all amazing songs in it. I'm so happy! =D Now we need another new masterpiece to take the first place on the Billboard charts. Guys, DON'T rest on your laurels. =) Wishing all the best in the future!!

    Rock n' Roll forever!!! \m/

  4. vladrock avatar

    hi guns! i was in 3 of your shows (peru and mexico(2)) and this line up really rocks like a devastating energy. thanx axl rose, bumblefoot, robin finck, mantia, buckethead, pitman, 4tus, stinson, tobias, ashba, ferrer, dizzy for making the cd and for the awesome world tour. good vibes and again: thank you very much 'cos chi dem era means the evolution rock. long live guns n' roses !!!!

  5. sandra74k avatar

    Also have to say that Guns N' Roses is the one and only Real Rockband ever!!!Hardly can wait to ser ypu in June in Strassburg

  6. ivan avatar

    Guns N' Roses is the only real rock band actually playin', can't wait to hear new music from this awsome band!!

  7. teslamike avatar

    well what else can you say gnr is the real rock band and still kickin ass today axl has done things his way since day one and continues too do so thats why i think its great and i think chinse democracy is a kick ass album and I think people should start listening too it as well and make the radio stations play it well keep touring maybe i can see them in phoenix again or somewhere outside concert would be awesoime keep the band you have cause they kick ass

  8. PDMcBride avatar


  9. ricgov avatar

    Guns n' Roses is pure and simply the best rock group ever! : )

  10. Tony P avatar

    son of a bitch how come i was not aware of this lol? still kickin ass....i love it

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